As the nursery rhyme goes, “I’ve been to London to see the Queen.” And I did! BOTH of them!

Last month Eli and I stood alongside the Mall to view the parade going to the Trooping the Colour ceremony, an annual pageant marking Queen Elizabeth’s Official Birthday (her real birthday is in April, but June in London is deemed to have better weather). And then we high-tailed it down to Buckingham Palace for the balcony scene afterward. And what a shot Eli got! This was Princess Kate’s last public appearance before giving birth.

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No, not “Alfie.”          

Monday morning (December 3, 2012) at Hong Kong airport. We lost Sunday to the International Dateline.

My website has an “About” page that’s about me from the standpoint of my writing, how I got to be where I am today as an author of a novel. But that’s not all there is about me, and even what I am about is not all about me. Got that? Let me try to explain.

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