The Lost Torah of Shanghai

The Lost Torah of ShanghiMeet Lily Kovner, “the Jewish Miss Marple”

In After the Auction journalist Lily embarks on an investigation that’s personal: a search for an antique Seder plate looted from her family by the Nazis. It’s a quest for justice rooted in the loss of her family in the Holocaust. A quest that leads her across three continents and confrontation with threats, murder, a deal with a devil, and new romance. And, along the way, she meets a Chinese-Jewish cousin, Ruth, living in Israel!

A year later, with Saddam Hussein firing Scud missiles at Israel, Ruth, who has nicknamed Lily “the Jewish Miss Marple,” urges her toward another quest: to find a historic Iraqi Torah scroll that has gone missing from the home of a Chinese government official in Shanghai. Its disappearance portends serious diplomatic consequences. Although Lily scoffs at the detective nickname and can’t imagine finding a Torah in China, she agrees to Ruth’s request to undertake another hunt. Threats, physical attack, and murder crop up again, and the cultural exoticism and strangeness of the Chinese setting add to Lily’s skepticism and sense of futility. Twenty-five hundred years of Jewish Diaspora underlie The Lost Torah of Shanghai, as Lily uncovers personal and political history that restores her spirit and self-confidence as a journalist-turned-accidental-sleuth.


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