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Web Launch Introduces Tale of A Woman’s Quest for Nazi Looted Art


Linda Frank’s novel, After the Auction, previews on the author’s new web site, This story, replete with danger, romance, and a half-century of secrets, follows an ordinary woman’s search for justice and a tangible piece of her murdered family’s legacy.

 After the Auction is set in 1990 before the surge of publications and publicity about lingering injustices of unreturned art fostered museum policy shifts and the establishment of global registries. The book plunges readers into the quagmire journalist Lily Kovner faces after she catches a glimpse of the antique Seder plate she hasn’t seen since it was stolen by the Nazis fifty-two years earlier. Lily’s quest to reclaim the Seder plate takes her on a geographic journey from New York City to London and Israel, as well as a journey back to historic but tumultuous times in her own life and in the life of the Jewish people. Persevering despite threats and the murder of an important source, she ultimately uncovers a shocking tale of betrayal and duplicity. Along the way her budding romance with Simon Rieger provides more than a pleasant diversion, as Simon proves to be a critical ally.

 The web site offers background on the writer and her longtime research on the historical foundation of the novel, as well as sample chapters and links to sites on related subjects and book development. A blog, titled Book Travel and Travail, affords readers a look into Linda’s process in writing this book and her efforts to bring it to publication. A surprising array of guest bloggers will also comment from time to time.

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