After a one-night stopover in Delhi, we moved on to Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, where we spent a couple of days. Among the highlight sights is Mother Theresa’s home, with a significant museum exhibit on her life (including her Nobel Prize certificate, but only interior photos allowed were of her tomb). Her sector of the city is, of course, vastly different from the clean and majestic park where the Victoria Memorial sits.

There’s a relatively new bridge over the River Ganges. Our guide was eager to take us over, but it was close to the end of the day’s touring, so a quick ride. To save time the driver made a U-turn around the toll booth we’d just gone through, stopping traffic two ways. To say the least, it was a red flag to the police (we could just imagine doing this on the Bay Bridge or Golden Gate), and the bus was detained for a while, with a policeman escorting us back to our hotel to stay close to the driver. The same driver turned up the next morning for our trip to the airport, so our tips must have come in handy for him!




Here are some Kolkata

Bridge over River Ganges. We took a quick ride over, then our driver made a U-turn to get us back. Not a move we’d try on the Golden Gate. We thought it might be legal in India–until the policeman got on the bus!


She may be “out” but she hasn’t left the building.

Mother remains in the Mother House.

Entrance to Mother Theresa’s home. She will KNOW, if you spit.

Street scene. Like tuk tuks in Thailand but called “auto rickshaws” in India.

Whatever’s inside isn’t exactly a precious antique.

Kolkata’s version of Central Park buggy ride.

Public transport.

A vestige of the Raj: The Victoria Memorial (a museum)

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