It’s been a banner couple of months for marketing both AFTER THE AUCTION and the forthcoming THE LOST TORAH OF SHANGHAI. (Forthcoming in 2014.)  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect storm of real-life events to validate the truth/fiction synergy of the subjects I include in the novels.   Unknown

First, in October, came the news that a family in Shanghai was keeping a cache of books for a Jewish man, a refugee who’d escaped Europe and who entrusted the books to their late father in 1943. The English language Chinese TV report asserted that the Jewish man returned to Germany at that time and sent a postcard back to his book holding friend that sounded suspiciously like Holocaust stories about postcard messages sent, at Nazi behest, by concentration camp prisoners to people still back home: “Reunited with our family…” 

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Blog, schmog!  So, now I’m a guest blogger?  What do I know about this blogging?

Well, here goes: I’m nothing if not adaptable.  Warsaw.  London. New York.  Israel.  I’ve made my way for 96 years.  Pretty successful in business.  Personal life?  A few relatives, friends, a lot of acquaintances.  I stayed busy.  After I lost Elisabeth, no one could compare, so there was never a wife, no children.  But at least I had Lily; I could be like a father to her.  And a grandfather to her kids.  Such a blessing that’s been in my life.

So, that night, when Lily came over to the house and told me, who could believe it?  I was stunned.  All of a sudden, after so many years, the di Salamone Seder plate shows up in front of her eyes at an auction?  Then–poof–just like that, it’s gone again?

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