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After the Auction may be set in 1990, but it’s cutting edge when it comes to 21st century access. It’s just been released in e-book format, which a few friends have asked about for months. I deliberately delayed this to take advantage of separate marketing opportunities and generally test the waters in print first.

The e-version has a few enhancements not yet in the print version: book club discussion questions and a glossary of Jewish/Hebrew terms that might not be clear to the non-Jewish reader. This was suggested by one. These additions will soon be posted on this web site, too.

I’m a passionate reader and book lover and buyer who has moved cartons and cartons of books from one home to another forever and hates to give any away–ever. Unfortunately, our San Francisco home space mandates that sad activity when our floor-to-ceiling bookcase reaches capacity. And, in truth, even when we lived in bigger houses, there was never enough space for all the books. So, the concept of the e-reader was something to be pooh-poohed–to not hold a physical book sounded blasphemous.

However, last year, as we prepared for the African trip we had to postpone, we decided that a Kindle (still the main name then) would be a good idea to enable us to read on all those long flights without schlepping a lot of heavy books. One’s advised/urged to travel with limited luggage on these safari ventures which utilize small planes to certain destinations.

I hate to admit it, but the Kindle is a guilty pleasure from which I’ve read books mostly on vacation but occasionally at home, too, because I can tuck it into almost any purse or bag and pick up where I left off when I have a few minutes on public transportation, in a waiting room, between meetings, etc. Last week I even read while having my teeth cleaned at the dentist. Actually, that proved to be a marketing opportunity, as I was finishing Daniel Silva‘s The Rembrandt Affair, which sparked a conversation with my dentist and the hygienist, both of whom are Daniel Silva fans. This led to an opportunity to mention that, if they like Daniel Silva, they’ll like my book!! And, as I hate even the noise of dental equipment, reading proved to be a great distraction, and the time flew. The large font I have on the Kindle made it possible for me to hold it in a place where I could read and not interfere with the hygienist’s scraping and cleaning.  I hope it will work the next time I have a more painful procedure. I am a chicken at the dentist, need local anesthetic even for bonding; by comparison I’ve endured the aftermath of knee surgery with no painkillers. I was permanently scarred by our childhood dentist ,who didn’t believe in Novocaine or gas for kids under 18, and my mother believed in him! He was actually a dental school professor of my dentist here, and he terrified his students, too. Probably a great dentist, but, when the movieMarathon Mancame out, my brother and I were sure it was based on Dr. K; he hadn’t been a Nazi war criminal, of course, but we thought he was a sadist!

But I digress…

The Kindle font is also great late at night, when I find it hard to read even with my reading specs. So, as long as I’m a fan of these devices, my readers should be able to get it on theirs, too.

Only problem: no way for the author to sign an e-book!  Check out my e-book publisher’s site, to order!

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