Thursday, June 16

We’re in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (vs. the Zambian side of the Falls, which is outside the city of Livingstone). We’ve been here since Tuesday afternoon, staying at an actual lodge with walls and windows, which makes the nights a whole lot warmer than the last camp and a whole lot less scary than them all (though there’s a watering hole down the hill from the lodge, and reportedly a killer elephant in area).

Having been to Iguassu Falls in Argentina (and Niagara), I can say that Victoria Falls is at least as spectacular, but it’s impossible to compare the three. We were offered the opportunity to sign up to bungee jump or swing (zip line) from the bridge over the falls between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Uh—I don’t think so. Ditto for helicopter rides over. Just being here is enough of a thrill! (And Eli and I DID volunteer to be among the three group members to take yet another four-seater plane ride between Hwange and “Vic Falls.”

An unknown “meshugunah” person bungee jumping from the bridge linking Zambia and Zimbabwe over Victoria Falls

Statue of David Livingstone, who officially discovered and named the Falls, at the entrance to Victoria Falls National Park

Bearded guy (with our group leader, Edison). Could we presume that THIS is Dr. Livingstone?

Adjacent to the Falls is the historic Victoria Falls Hotel,a gracious colonial complex of buildings dating from about 1905. Just the spot for an English history buff like me. Its terrace is a gorgeous setting for lunch and/or high tea. Since Eli and I were ahead of the group in arriving on Tuesday, we had a lovely lunch there. Then yesterday, after we dried off from our walking tour of the Falls, we joined seven of our fellow travelers there for tea!

Base of flagpole at the very grand Victoria Falls Hotel

The bridge over the Falls (note rainbow) from lawn of the Victoria Falls Hotel


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