Back in May on this blog I forecasted the publication of THE NICE LITTLE BLONDE GIRL for August. A variety of factors ranging from editing to travel to Mirah and her parents visiting Milwaukee and then more editing and travel (including a trip to China to visit Mirah and her parents) and more editing and more autumn travel…and lo and behold the book finally went on sale November 8.

Meanwhile, marketing-wise, I’ve picked up a little boost from an unlikely source: POTUS, aka President Donald Trump. Why? Because the plot of THE NICE LITTLE BLONDE GIRL is set mostly in Ukraine. Yes, the same country that’s in the news daily as the setting for the impeachment intrigue. 

This is the third novel in my Lily Kovner “Jewish Miss Marple” series. Available in e-book and print versions.

The first two, AFTER THE AUCTION and THE LOST TORAH OF SHANGHAI,  are still readily available, too. The novels all provide historical context for their fictional plots, the capers of a woman journalist of a certain age who becomes an accidental sleuth.

And speaking of availability, I am as a speaker! To book clubs and other organizations, Jewish and non (women, seniors, history- and travel-oriented). I can provide references from my past gigs provided. Travel expenses and honorarium are welcome but not always necessary, especially to places I’m going anyway. Perhaps I’ve spoken to your group in the past. I’d be delighted to come back. Projected destinations this winter: Florida, California, Washington, DC.

In the meantime, thanks for your support. Stay tuned for a post about the painting in THE NICE LITTLE BLONDE GIRL


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