When you’re eight-months-old and you live in Beijing and your parents have a close friend who’s having a milestone birthday party in Paris (1920s theme, cruise and formal dinner on the Seine), what’s to do? Call up your Nainai and Yeye (Grandma and Grandpa) and say “Meet me in Paris. We will have fun, and you can babysit me when my Ma and Ba go to the party.”

Like she had to ask twice?

Never mind that Yeye (Eli) had a reality check on what we thought, after major surgery last year, was his lifetime end to intestinal obstructions and spent six days in the hospital the week before we were leaving on the trip and came home three days before our departure. Never mind that Mirah is eight-months-old.

What you may notice missing from our photos, vs. conventional pictures of people’s trips to Paris, are shots of the iconic tourist sites, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arch de Triumph. The adults in the group have been there before and we figured Mirah wouldn’t know the difference. Why frustrate her later with photos that will lead her to say, “You took me to Paris when I was a baby?” I only hope Eli and I can go back with her (and to many other places) when she will remember being there. Anyway, discovering new neighborhoods such as where we stayed away from the top touristy areas, was a lot of fun. 


Yeye gives Mirah “the house white” in the courtyard garden of the hotel.

The ladies advance on the streets of Paris.


Weird, but cool, lower level hotel pool.

Walking in “les passages” arcade.

Strolling neat Notre Dame.

Trying new things: drinking water from a wine glass.

Trying new things: taste of radish.

Graffiti: “Make Russia Great Again.”

While her parents are at this big-deal party on the Seine,

Mirah is out to dinner with the babysitters! Who had the better deal?




  1. KIM & Hal Fiske says:

    Oh my world ! This is so cool! You are such wonderful grandparents ! I am very sure that Mirah would never want to stop seeing the world with you all!!!
    Sending our ❤️❤️❤️❤️ your way and to Paris !
    KIM Yen& Hal

    • Linda Frank says:

      We can’t get enough of her. And waited so long. And she lives so far away. And we feel very, very lucky on many counts.

      We’re now in Berlin. More posts to come.

  2. She’s the cutest nugget. And well filled too! 🙂

    • Linda Frank says:

      98% in height/length, 90% weight. A good balance. Very active: squirmy, pulling herself up on her feet toward climbing, crawling backwards, a kicking and splashing fish in water, already going to Baby Yoga. Just starting to try bits of real food but not clamoring for more than she gets. Very curious about it all and the people around her in restaurants, etc.

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