As the nursery rhyme goes, “I’ve been to London to see the Queen.” And I did! BOTH of them!

Last month Eli and I stood alongside the Mall to view the parade going to the Trooping the Colour ceremony, an annual pageant marking Queen Elizabeth’s Official Birthday (her real birthday is in April, but June in London is deemed to have better weather). And then we high-tailed it down to Buckingham Palace for the balcony scene afterward. And what a shot Eli got! This was Princess Kate’s last public appearance before giving birth.

And we also saw the other “Queen,” Dame Helen Mirren, reprising her movie role as the monarch but this time in a new play, “The Audience.” Besides the thrill of seeing her perform in person, the play about the Queen receiving several of her Prime Ministers over the 61 years of her reign is very interestingly constructed with some quirky staging and costume changing. It was being filmed that night for the National Theatre Live series that shows in movie theaters around the world, so playwright Peter Morgan was interviewed (to augment the telecast) during the interval, making the experience even more enlightening.

Which got me to thinking:  Dame Helen, you must play Lily Kovner, the “star” of After the Auction.” After one of us swings a movie or TV deal, of course. It shouldn’t be that much of a problem for  you and your husband, Taylor Hackford, a famous director. The next book, The Lost Torah of Shanghai, is finished, so Season 2 is taken care of! 

Longtime blog followers may remember my previous movie casting post and my message to George Clooney regarding his forthcoming “Monuments Men” film. The time is right. Lily is fast becoming a chic “Jewish Miss Marple. The perfect Helen Mirren role. 

So, Dame Helen, surely you’ve heard the old joke about the guy who laments to God about not winning the lottery and God replies, “Meet me halfway. Buy a ticket.” In that spirit, ma’am (as one would say to Her real Majesty), tomorrow I’m putting a copy of After the Auction in the post to your LA agency. I’m meeting you halfway!


Balcony scene

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