Amber Fort, Jaipur

View from top of Amber Fort (we did walk up!)


Jaipur tuk tuk (auto rickshaw) ride

Shadow of our hot air balloon while “sailing” outside Jaipur

Eli’s got the sun in his hands at sunrise outside Jaipur!

Jain monk en route to temple

Furry visitors to mosque

Needs no explanation

A view from the hot air balloon

Wind Palace, Pink Walled City Jaipur–where the harem lived!

School in a farm village

More village kids

Khajahoru temple carvings display all of the Kama Sutra positions. No, we didn’t rush back to the hotel to try this one!

HIS train was pulling out while we waited for ours.

Cow dung paddies, a fuel source for cooking, heat and insulation, in India

Guess who? Guess where?

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