No, there’s no movie. Yet.Colin Firth

But, hey, it’s the holiday season, usually a wonderful time for new films. (This year–not so many fantastic choices.) Of course, given my proclivity for British history and the Royal Family, you can imagine how I kvelled over “The King’s Speech.” Not that I don’t normally see everything with Colin Firth, who is fantastic as King George VI. And Geoffrey Rush–what an acting job in such a meaty role!

And, of course, with Golden Globes awards around the corner and Academy Award nominations soon to follow, movies are high on the popular culture agenda. They’re ALWAYS high on mine; I could go every day, if I could, assuming there’d be something worth seeing every day.

Because I love movies and because a few people have mentioned that After the Auction would make a good one, why not contemplate who should play the major characters on screen? Note: If you think I haven’t given this some thought since the moment I started writing, guess again. In fact, visualizing someone known helped me write the characters. But, in addition to my picks, how about giving me yours?

Here’s my thinking:

Helen MiranLilyHelen Mirren, Emma Thompson, Meryl Streep? Any of them works for me!

Simon–toughest to call: Robert DeNiro? Alan Rickman? Ben Kingsley?

TanskiBob Hoskins (I used to think of him for Simon until I saw him looking aged in the recent movie, “Made in Dagenham.” ) But who would play the young Tanski?

Rotan–Ralph Fiennes in stages of aging makeup? Or Bill Nighy? Jeremy Irons?

BucholzAnthony Hopkins at his most snarly.

Helen WolfEileen Atkins, Miranda Richardson, Joan Plowright (without a fake European accent)

ElisabethRachel Weisz morphing into Juliette Binoche.

Erich–finally a spot for Colin Firth?

Jack–also Colin potentially, but we need someone who can come off as really arrogant. Liam Neeson in non-Schindler mode?

If some of the picks sound like the cast of “Love Actually,” it’s not such a coincidence. It’s one of my favorites at holiday time–or any time. Let’s face it: I can no longer get Deborah Kerr, Cary Grant,  or Ingrid Bergman.

Details: I hope Michael Tilson Thomas will have time to compose the score. And my talented cousin, Gail Grossman-Porciello, Cape Cod’s favorite chanteuse, stands ready to contribute a winning love song

There’s an old joke about a Jewish matchmaker (shadchen in Yiddish) telling a man’s mother that she’s going to fix up the son with Princess Margaret (OK–it’s a really old joke!). After the mother agrees, even though the princess isn’t Jewish, the shadchen leaves and says to herself, “Now to convince the other side!”

Casting the hypothetical movie reminds me of that joke. Now to convince ANY of these fine actors–and, more important, a financially armed producer.  First things first: getting the word out!

It’s fun, in the meantime, to dream!

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