After The Auction

A woman seeks justice for crime rooted in history and encounters threats, murder, a deal with a devil and new romance.

Lily Kovner’s fictional search for her family’s antique Seder plate looted by the Nazis takes place in 1990. After a brief glimpse of the unique Passover vessel at a New York auction of Judaica (Jewish ritual items), Lily struggles not only with how to begin her hunt but also with why she should or should not undertake this journey. Ultimately, it spans three continents and exposes her to danger, secrets and doubt as to whom to trust–from lifelong connections to a newfound lover.


Nazi Art Looting Is a Story that Doesn’t Quit* & Will Soon to be the topic of a New Motion Picture by George Clooney

Almost seven decades after the end of World War II, new cases arise constantly, and old ones fester. What distinguishes AFTER THE AUCTION is its 1990 time frame. Why? The next decade produced tremendous focus on this lingering injustice. Scholar Lynn Nicholas published a powerful nonfiction book, The Rape of Europa, that ignited widespread public awareness of these crimes, as did a documentary of the same name based on the book. Robert Edsel published on the Monuments Men. The academic research of Professor Jonathan Petropolous continued and achieved great public attention. Developments such as the Internet, Google and such organizations as the International Art Registry were new resources unavailable to Lily Kovner, the protagonist in AFTER THE AUCTION.

George Clooney is working on a film about The Monuments Men, American and British curators and art historians whose military service as the war focused on finding and documenting fine art looted by the Nazis. Their work included excavation in European caves and exposing dealers complicit in these crimes. In AFTER THE AUCTION two characters–Lily’s swain, Simon Rieger, and consultant Helen Wolf–worked alongside the Monuments Men.

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 From a review of After the Auction:
“It’s a really good, truly action-packed read, especially for anyone with an interest in Judaica and the world of Nazi-looted art. I’ve been following this issue for more than 40 years — ever since my days as curator of the Judaica collections at New York’s Jewish Museum. So, I was impressed with how authentic the novel feels, even while it entertains… this short and fast-paced novel is a significant accomplishment.”    


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